Superman The Man of Steel HC (2020) # 4 new sealed (9.4-NM)

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Volume 4 - 1st printing.

Collects Doom Patrol (1987-1995 2nd Series) #10, Superman (1987-2011 2nd Series) #16-22, The Adventures of Superman (1987-2006) #439-444, Action Comics (1938-2011 DC) #598-600, and Superman (1987-2011 2nd Series) Annual #2.

Cover by John Byrne and Georeg Perez. Back Cover by John Byrne.

Superman's 1980s adventures continue with the introduction of Checkmate!

Then, the mysterious Supergirl meets Superman for the first time! Plus, the Man of Steel faces Mr. Mxyzptlk, runs into the Doom Patrol and battles Metallo! And Lex Luthor is tricked into releasing criminals from the Phantom Zone-and it's up to Superman to clean up his mess.

A bold new reimagining of the life and times of the Man of Steel, crafted by legendary comics writer and artist John Byrne! Guest-starring Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Elongated Man, Man-Bat, and Wonder Woman! And featuring the menace of Darkseid!

Hardcover, 520 pages, full color.


Written John Byrne, Paul Kupperberg, Jerry Ordway, and Roger Stern.

Art by John Byrne, Erik Larsen, Jerry Ordway, John Statema, Ross Andru, Kurt Schaffenberger, Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, Gary Martin, Karl Kesel, John Beatty, Dennis Janke, Andy Kubert, Doug Hazlewood, Ty Templeton, Keith Williams, Murphy Anderson, Ron Frenz, Brett Breeding, Monika Livingston, George Perez, and Mike Mignola. 

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Product Name Superman The Man of Steel HC (2020) # 4 new sealed (9.4-NM)
Date of Publishing 2022
Cover Artist John Byrne
Writer(s) John Byrne
Barcode 9900001977145
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