Savage Tales (1971) # 3 (7.0-FVF) (291613) MAGAZINE

Savage Tales (1971) # 3 (7.0-FVF) (291613) MAGAZINE

Conan stars in

"The Lurker From the Catacombs"

(Script by Roy Thomas, art by Barry Windsor-Smith),

the conclusion of the

"Red Nails"

story from the previous issue adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard.

Also in this issue: "Fury of the Femizons" by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.

reprinted from Savage Tales 1) and

"The Crimson Bell"

(text story starring Arquel of Argos by Ray Capella;illusrations by Al Williamson and Frank Brunner).

2-page Red Sonja pin-up by Esteban Maroto;

Talon pin-up by Jim Steranko (with a one-page text feature).

Pablo Marcos cover painting

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Product Name Savage Tales (1971) # 3 (7.0-FVF) (291613) MAGAZINE
Date of Publishing 1974
Barcode 0000000291613
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