Robin Flying Solo TPB (2000) # 1 1st Print (9.2--NM)

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Robin Flying Solo TPB (2000) # 1 1st Print (9.2--NM)
Robin Flying Solo TPB (2000) # 1 1st Print (9.2--NM) is available to buy in increments of 1

1st printing. Collects Robin (1993-2009) #1-6 and Showcase '94 #5-6.

Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by Tom Grummett and Phil Jimenez.

As the adolescent sidekick of Batman, Tim Drake has always followed the lead of his mentor without question. But when the Dynamic Duo has a falling out and Robin is banned from the Batcave, the Boy Wonder must forge his own path. Left alone to juggle the responsibilities of a personal life and a vigilante existence, Robin takes his first steps towards being an independent hero instead of a youthful sidekick. This coming of age super hero tale includes appearances by Batman, the Huntress, the Spoiler, Cluemaster, and the Electrocutioner.

Softcover, 176 pages, full color.

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Product Name Robin Flying Solo TPB (2000) # 1 1st Print (9.2--NM)
Barcode 9900000983291
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