Amalgam Age of Comics TPB (1996) # 1 UK (7.0-FVF) Marvel (1799471)

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Amalgam Age of Comics TPB (1996) # 1 (7.0-FVF) (1799471)
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The Marvel Collection

1st printing.

Collects Spider-Boy (1996), Magneto and the Magnetic Men (1996), Bullets and Bracelets (1996), Speed Demon (1996), Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1996), and X-Patrol (1996).

Written by Karl Kesel, Gerard Jones, John Ostrander, Howard Mackie, James Felder, Chuck Dixon, Barbara Kesel and Mark Waid. Art by Mike Wieringo, Gary Martin, Karl Kesel, Jeff Matsuda, Art Thibert, Jaime Mendoza, Lary Stucker, Gary Frank, Cam Smith, Salvador Larroca, Al Milgrom, Cary Nord, Mark Pennington, Roger Cruz and Jon Holdredge. Cover by Dave Gibbons.

This volume offers the six Marvel-published Amalgam titles from 1996!

In a monumental joint partnership between the two biggest companies in the comic book industry, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the two publishing rivals, worked together to temporarily create new super-heroes based on the amalgamation of their greatest legends.

Softcover, 160 pages, full color.

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Product Name Amalgam Age of Comics TPB (1996) # 1 UK (7.0-FVF) Marvel (1799471)
Date of Publishing 1996
Cover Artist Dave Gibbons
Barcode 9900001799471
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